Zenus MacPen III

Zenus MacPen III
  • Zenus MacPen III
  • Zenus MacPen III
  • Zenus MacPen III
  • Zenus MacPen III
January 3rd:
All MacPen III colors are now available for immediate shipping. Thank you for your patience and happy new year! 


AND STILL!!! Wireless! Wireless! Wireless! Our Permanent Makeup Pen is changing the tattoo game with the new wireless technology features. This non-wired design allows the artist to have easier mobility and comfortable handling
during long usage. The Zenus MacPen III wireless features also allow a much
safer, simple, and cleanliness environment for both the artist and the
clients as well. Our MacPen III is now built with extremely high grade quality housing and is designed to
perform tattooing of permanent eyebrows, lips, and eye lines. The internal motor itself is now equipped with a power boost start to help handle universal needles with ease. Our pen is
crafted to give you the closest feel to an actual pen that you can get with
a tattoo machine. Our quick charge batteries will allow you to charge between clients so you don't have to worry about having enough charge to last you through the day!


Details for the Pen:
- Color: Matte Black, Rose Gold, and Gunmetal Gray

- Speed 1: Lowest - 5000 RPM
- Speed 2: Low - 5500 RPM
- Speed 3: Medium - 6300 RPM
- Speed 4: High - 7100 RPM
- Speed 5: Highest - 7600 RPM

Package Including:

-Exquisite Presentation Box w/ Manual Instructions 
- 1 x Zenus Wireless MacPen III
- 1 x AC/DC Adapter
- 1 x Upgraded Battery charging line
- 2 x Upgraded Magnetic Lithium Battery
- 10 x 1RL/1001RL Advance Universal Membrane Cartridges needle / The definition of hundreds "Universal Needles" out there is a cartridge needle that may fit many other machines besides the Zenus MacPen 3. However, there may be some machine that won't accept our universal needles due to the company own designs. Vice versa, some needles will fit our MacPen 3 and some universal will NOT. We always recommend our own product to be used with our machine as its specially designed for it. If you're experience jamming or short power to the pen, chances are the universal needle is not compatible for our pen.  


ATTENTION:  DO NOT OVERCHARGE THE BATTERY or keep the battery charge unattended. Once the battery is fully charged, remove the charging line from the battery. DO NOT use any other charging cable or adapter that did not come with the shipping. Doing this could give the battery a short circuit and damage the machine. Do not leave the battery on a charge for days or leaving your battery on no charge for a long period of time, this may potentially ruin the charge and performance of the battery.


Please be aware when ordering internationally. There's different custom laws in every country that is required to be followed. When an item is sent out of the USA, packages may be held at your country customs check. Customs may contact you in regards for taxes and or duties that is arrange by the customer/ receiver.
Policy and Returns:
Please review our unopened packaged policy as well as the terms and condition. 
Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at
Thank you!


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